Poa reptans

Pâturin rampant

Go for single putts and avoid three-putts using TWO-PUTT

Smooth and even putting surface
Whether playing 9 or 18 holes the topmost goal is to avoid three-putts. TWO-PUTT produces smooth and even putting surfaces so you might even go for some single putts!

Fight fire with fire
Even with the most sophisticated equipment and maintenance, it can be impossible to avoid Poa annua invasion. The best way to fight back is using TWO-PUTT. It is just as "invasive" but has superior characteristics after generations of recurrent selection.

Easy establishment
TWO-PUTT is probably the easiest and fastest establishing golf green species. It will grow year round without any noticeable summer or winter dormancy. Under continental conditions the spring greening up after winter is very fast and significant forming a dense and very playable surface. Under shady and wet conditions TWO-PUTT is really finding its place for growth compared to the “normal” greens species like fescues and agrostis.


Echelle de 1-9, avec 9 meilleure/plus prononcée

Finesse des feuilles
Résistance au fil rouge
Tolérance à la salinité
Tontes rases
Comportement à l'ombre
Résistance au froid
  • Perennial, easy establishment
  • Smooth & even putting surface
  • 3 mm cutting height without problems
  • Improvement of the most "used" green species